Top 10 Quilt Pattern Ideas For Beginners In 2019

Quilting started as a way to reuse small scraps of fabric and has evolved to encompass a whole realm of creative fabric designs that can only be designed as artwork. But for many people, the idea of quilting patterns can seem daunting and, in some cases, nearly impossible. Even the most advanced quilter had to start somewhere, and these adorable (and easy) quilting patterns will give you the confidence you need to sew your next big (or small) quilt with style.

Keep in mind, any quilt will look daunting when you see the finished project, that’s what makes them so amazing. Just be willing to take your time, measure twice and cut once, and work with your mistakes. No one’s first quilt looks perfect, but we promise you’ll be proud of your first quilt for years to come.

 Our Favorite Quilt Pattern Ideas For Beginners

  1. Fresh Diamonds

Easy to make and plan out, this pattern caries a kind of sophistication to it that will have your friends and family asking how you pulled it off. Feel free to get creative with your color choices, like working in a gradient or using different patterns in the same color to really play up the geometry of this pattern. And once you get confident with this design, you can always apply it to a larger quilt using a heavy duty sewing machine.

  1. Jelly Roll Jam

Great, now we’re hungry. This is another quilt pattern that looks much more complicated than it actually is. We suggest using solid color fabrics for your first attempt at this pattern and taking the time to draw up a small diagram so you can keep track of the pattern you have in mind. Or you can ignore that and go absolutely wild with your color choices, choosing everything in different patterns but the same color or even forgoing color scheme all together for a black-and-white patchwork masterpiece. The choice is yours.

  1. Hexagon

Before you start to panic, this pattern is much easier than you think it is. The flat edges of the hexagons are easier to work with than you would expect, and this simple quilt makes any pattern look like a snuggly beehive perfect for summer fun or keeping strawberry fields forever alive during the dead of winter. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, try using smaller hexagons for a multicolored masterpiece.

  1. Double Hourglass

You won’t find yourself watching the clock when putting this quilt together. The two main shapes break down into triangles and trapezoids for an eye-catching arrangement that’s sure to be the main attraction on any bedspread. Feel free to play around with the theme, employing whatever colors you want. After all, quilting is all about getting creative!

  1. Snuggly Bricks 

If you’ve never heard of fat quarters, get ready to be impressed. These tiny rolls of fabric are a godsend for any crafter looking for a quick and easy quilt. So run to your nearest fabric store or online distributor and fill your cart with the most adorable fabrics you can find to make this cuddly pattern. This one is especially perfect for a quick baby shower present once you get more confident in your skills, or as a wall hanging that’ll bring life to any space.

  1. Chevron

Get ready to learn about every quilter’s favorite shape: the rhombus. These chevron designs are adorable, modern, and hard to resist, and why should you? Tack this quilt together in a weekend, or create a full-sized spread for your own bead. Why should baby quilts get all the fun? Just make sure you have a large work area to play around on before laying out this project, it will make getting the angles just right all the easier. We’re personally a fan of the pastel color scheme they use in this tutorial, but you can use whatever color fabric you want.

  1. Four-Patch Quilt

Squares are the saving grace of any quilter, and these tiny squares create a quilt that looks far more difficult than it actually is. You can invest in four different colors and randomly piece them out, or make every square a different color, the choice is yours. Just make sure you have a T-square handy before you start cutting. This is truly the easiest option on the list besides the Snuggly Bricks on option 5, so feel free to really take this quilt to the next level. Hint: this is a great pattern to play around with free motion quilting on since all the straight lines look phenomenal with free stitching.

  1. Three Times Around

Did we mention how much we like shapes? These triangles take some patience to perfect, but once you have the design down you’ll be whipping through this quilt like its no problem. While the example is a bit helter-skelter in their fabric designs, this quilt can easily become toned down for a living space or heightened up with neon colors for the fashionista in your life. The choice is really up to you.

  1. Cartwheel

Before this quilt makes you dizzy, let us tell you a trick: look only at the white squares. This is a moderately more advanced quilt, but still a great exercise for beginners. After all, if you get a little intimidated by this quilt, imagine how impressive it will look hanging over the back of a rocking chair. The key to truly making this quilt impressive is to go with subtle color changes for the background squares, while making the brighter squares into a recognizable color scheme that loops around the quilt.

  1. Broken Dishes Quilt

Note: No dishes were harmed in the making of this quilt. Simple, geometric, and easy to make out of scraps of cloth lying around, this timeless pattern is perfect for beginners and experienced quilters alike, so feel free to play around or keep straight to the pattern. With so many options for pattern and colors, the sky’s the limit (or, rather, the pantry).