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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Alliance for American Quilts Sponsors Memory Quilt Project

Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. 13, 2006- The Alliance for American Quilts has launched its “Memory Quilt” project, open to everyone, to honor, celebrate and share the special people who have touched their lives and inspired them to love quilts. The project provides a permanent place on the Center for the Quilt Online ( for individuals and groups to honor those special people. The “Memory Quilt” project was inspired by Alliance Board member Meg Cox’s desire for a memorial tribute to her mother Jo Cox, a passionate quiltmaker who passed on the art to her daughter.

Alan Jabbour, President of The Alliance, expressed his delight that actor Tess Harper will serve as the spokesperson for the Memory Quilt project: Tess Harper is an active and devoted member of the Advisory Council of The Alliance for American Quilts, and she will be a powerful and persuasive voice telling the world about The Alliance’s wonderful programs. Quilts are part of her personal heritage, and she understands well the values they reflect, the beauty they radiate, and the volumes they tell about the creativity of Americans – especially American women – from all walks of life.”

Academy Award nominee for Crimes of the Heart, Tess Harper was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Her quilt collection is based on quilts made by her grandmothers and things picked up around the country. Recently Ms. Harper worked with Toby Keith, Burt Reynolds and Kelly Preston in Broken Bridges, a feature film and for the Cohen Brothers in No Country for Old Men, based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, opposite Tommy Lee Jones.

“I am proud to speak on behalf of The Alliance for American Quilts and to serve as an Alliance Advisory Council member,” Harper said. “The Memory Quilt Project is exciting to me because it will be a repository of history and tradition, both personal and collective.” In the Star Memory Quilt block Ms. Harper memorializes both her grandmother, “Kitty Cat Ma,” and her Aunt Rita with a loving remembrance of childhood summers spent “sitting on a foot-stool made from five gallon cans and cotton batting, I watched thinking that they, like the hard Ozark hills around us, would always endure.”

Donations for this project range from $100 to $1,000. Alliance members receive a special discount. To memorialize or honor a loved one, family member, mentor or friend, donors can submit photographs and testaments to the “Star Memory Quilt” (, or create a simple message for the “Chinese Coins Quilt” (

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Georgia Quilt Show Opens in Atlanta

The Atlanta History Center opened a major new quilt exhibit on September 9, 2006, entitled Designs of the Times: Twentieth-Century Georgia Quilts. The exhibit features a selection of Georgia quilts drawn from the statewide survey of more than 9,000 quilts documented by the Georgia Quilt Project.

This exhibition constitutes "the rest of the story," which began in 1998 with an exhibition of nineteenth-century quilts showecased at the Atlanta History Center called Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together History. The Georgia Quilt Project organized seventy-six quilt history days between 1990 and 1993, Georgians were asked to share their quilts in order to record information about them and photograph them. The Georgia Quilt Project data and images will be preserved in the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center, and will be available to quilt researchers and future historians.

The current twentieth century quilt exhibit will remain open until April 22, 2007. Admission is free with regular admission to the history center. For more information call (404) 814-4000 or visit

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