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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Quilt tells tale of orphan trains

Orphan TrainDes Moines, Iowa - Fifth-graders at Olmsted Elementary School, 7110 Prairie Ave. in Urbandale, have pieced together the stories of orphan-train riders by making a quilt.

The train routes were created by the New York Children's Aid Society as a way to give abandoned children homes in the rural Midwest from 1853 to 1929. For three weeks, students in Sharon Carey's fifth-grade class at Olmsted studied the orphan trains.

Carey said students learned some of the orphan children were separated from their siblings, some went to happy homes and others did not.

"It made us appreciate our families a lot," Carey said.

Students said they enjoyed learning the identities of people who rode the trains. Samantha Yacinich of Urbandale made a biographical poem about a child, and contributed a square to the quilt.

Read the full Des Moines Register story here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


How to: Make a Quilted Table Runner

Table RunnerThe blog "Pinned" has posted instructions on making a quilted table runner. The table runner is approximately 60”x16” finished. It comprises five 12” blocks and 15 4”squares. There are three block designs.

Check out the full set of instructions on Pinned now!


Quilt shop owner sews up book writing

Bundles of FunLongview, WA - Karen Snyder didn’t just write her first quilt book. She also had to sew it.

"Bundles of Fun: Quilts from Fat Quarters" features patterns for 12 quilts, each one made from a bundle of 12 "fat quarters," fabric measuring 18 x 22 inches. To illustrate it, Snyder needed to produce 27 quilts -- two for each pattern and a few made from leftovers.

"I thought the deadline for the quilts was June 15," Snyder said. She had enlisted friends to help and they were steaming along, when then the publisher called on May 5 with a question.

"Where are the quilts?"

The deadline actually had been May 1.

"We starting working even faster," Snyder said.

Read more about Snyder in the Daily News Online or buy Bundles of Fun from Amazon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Quilt links Northwestern Indiana with freedom run

As a black woman, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Ranger Kelli English finds the story of the Underground Railroad compelling, even at a distance of 150 years.

So she wasn’t being flip when she told a well-attended program at the Douglas Learning Center in Gary that the pre-Civil War slave escape route is “a neat moment in American history.”

“Some of us have ancestors who were slaves,” she said. “Many have ancestors who did the enslaving. It was ugly, horrific, and it must never happen again.”

Friday’s program on the history of the Underground Railroad was a prelude to a Saturday program at the Bailly Ranger Station on a part of the Underground Railroad that English finds “neat,” the use of quilts to relay coded messages to guide slaves to freedom.

Read the entire Post-Tribune article here.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Carolyn Mazloomi's next quilt exhibit enfolds jazz theme

Jazz Trio by Carolyn CrumpCarolyn L. Mazloomi is not a woman to kick back, wrap herself in one of her many quilts and chill.

She likes to stay busy. Occupying her time now is Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition, her next quilt exhibit.

"I love jazz, so this has truly been a labor of love," she says. She calls jazz and quilts "the two most recognized art forms in the African-American community" and thinks the show might be a first to pair them.

Read the entire jazz/quilts exhibit article here.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Patchwork quilt connects firefighters

FirefighterFrom the Galesburg, Illinois Register-Mail:

WOODHULL - A weekend benefit for volunteer firefighter Matt Olson saw
an overwhelming response from fire department volunteers across the
state and the nation.

Olson, a volunteer with Clover Fire Department in Woodhull, has been
diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; the fire department had a soup
supper, bake sale and auction Saturday to help meet ongoing expenses of
his care and treatment.

Art Goodrich contacted fire departments via the Internet, explaining
Olson's situation and asking for patches from their departments. More
than 200 patches were sent and made into a quilt and denim pillow.

Read the full article at the Register-Mail Online.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Quilt for the Cure Cruise

Unique Travel Concepts and the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation present "Quilt and Cruise to Find a Cure." Cruise tickets start at $905; the cruise includes 7 nights on the Mexican Riviera beginning June 4 2006.

Visit the official cruise site for more information.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Superbowl Sunday Mystery Quilt a Smash!

Last week on Superbowl Sunday, quilters from around the globe (some of whom remain blissfully ignorant of the American phenomenon known as "the Superbowl") indulged in an event of their own - a One-Day Mystery Quilt created by Merry May and presented by Planet Patchwork!

See the results of their labors in our Flickr gallery of "Case 123: In the Mood" mystery quilts!

If you'd like to contribute your own pictures of quilts you made for the event, please send them to and we'll get them posted.

Friday, February 10, 2006


A new quilt each month at the Ukiah library

If you live in Mendocino County, California, there's another reason to stop at the library besides the latest Tom Clancy novel. Each month the Ukiah library hangs a new quilt for your gawking pleasure. And if you're not nearby, don't fret -- they even post a picture of each month's quilt on their blog. How thoughtful!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


2006 Crazy Quilting Calendar

The Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilters Association has produced a 2006 calendar of work by members. Proceeds from the calendar sales "raise funds for special sessions and other club events."

More details about the Crazy Quilt Calendar here.


For handmade stuff, a better market than eBay

EtsyFor things like cheap cell phone accessories, eBay can't be beat. Handmade items like quilts, however, can get lost in that gargantuan marketplace. Etsy, a new site for the exchange of handmade items only, not only provides a homier environment for crafters, but also makes selling slightly simpler by offering lower listing fees (10 cents per item regardless of price) and a flat transaction fee (3.5% of the selling price). We also like the softer, simpler design. You can browse items by type or search for particular attributes in the things you desire. (Items in the quilt section have been assigned tags like "flannel" and "love.")

Wander on over to Etsy and check out what other crafters are offering today.

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