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Friday, February 01, 2008


Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts

Ricky Tims’ Rhapsody Quilts
By Ricky Tims
C&T Publishing, 2007
Paperbound, 96 pages
Retail: $27.95

If you’re going to undertake to make one of Ricky Tims’ Rhapsody Quilt designs, you’re going to need to make a real commitment. A Rhapsody Quilt, as invented by Ricky, is “a medallion-style quilt that utilizes a symmetrical design in a reversed and mirror-imaged arrangement.” Got that? Well even if the words don’t convey it, the end result is stunning, if a lot of work. These highly decorative, baroque designs use templates, appliqué, and curved piecing to dramatic elaborated effects. A blend of Hawaiian medallions, Lone Star, and reverse appliqué styles, these quilts will no doubt try your patience in the making, but will reward you handsomely with a bold, dramatic style that will be the centerpiece of whatever room it is hung in.

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