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Friday, November 23, 2007


Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts

Book Review: Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts
By Cyndy Lyle Rymer with Lynn Koolish
C&T Publishing, 2007
Paperbound, 96 pages
Retail: $27.95

Technology has radically changed quilting, and no technology more than digital photography has the potential for revolutionizing both technique and content in the textile arts. Quilters started out modestly, printing family snaps on fabric and incorporating them into their work, but Cyndy Rymer in this book shows the way to far more ambitious undertakings.

Although photo editing software is always listed as an "optional" tool in the quilter's tote in this book, learning how to manipulate, combine, overlay, and distort digital images greatly widens her artistic options. Free copies of such simple programs as Photoshop Elements or Picasa (free from Google) are readily available and easy to learn. To get the full value out of this book, you need to venture into photo editing.

With or without the software, this book has plenty of ideas and techniques to try. It discusses the ins and outs of inkjet printers, printable fabrics, scanning, and putting together final designs made from many elements. Thirteen projects are included, with color photos and complete instructions, as well as an inspirational gallery of designs that will feed your imagination for original work. Time to go up to the next level with photo quilts.

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