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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Making Big Santa

I'm working on getting back to one of my favorite cloth-related activities, doll-making. For a few years I belonged to a monthly Santa Club at a quilt shop, and the structure was very helpful. I had to get certain things done before class, and then I had "mandatory" time to work on the doll at class.

Unfortunately, after about a year after I joined, the instructor moved to another state and the group disbanded. I signed up for yet another Santa group and it, too, lost its instructor and dissolved. Although I have collected many wonderful patterns, very few Santas have been completed since then!

So I am starting my Santa crusade with a very large project, the Yuletide Greetings Santa from Seams Like Home ( Two summers ago my daughter painted the clay face for him, and I bought all the fabric for his clothing. Big Santa needs a wooden armature, so a while back Rob went to Home Depot with my supply list and bought all the needed stuff. Last weekend he announced that he was tired of tripping over all that lumber and what was I going to do with that anyway?

This weekend he will cut all that lumber and begin to help me construct Santa's frame.

However, Big Santa needs a stand and the pattern suggests a log round.

Here's the problem—I live in the city. I (or really Rob) can't just go into the back 40, find a fallen tree and chain saw off a cross-section. Luckily, I live close to a specialty lumber place that has things like firewood and whatnot. Not wanting to make an unnecessary trip, I called them yesterday to inquire about the possibility of obtaining said log round from them. Not the most productive call I have ever had, and after a trip to the store's location, I still have no log round. I'll keep you posted on my quest, and on Big Santa's progress. That will force me to be accountable!

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