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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Do people use your quilts?

Suzie inspects the quilt.
Originally uploaded by Christina.
Has this ever happened to you?

You spend days/weeks/months on a quilt as a gift to celebrate a friend's or relative's wedding, baby, or whatever. You pour your heart into the design, color choices, and so on, making it the perfect quilt for their specific personality. The big day arrives, they open the gift, and say thank you, wow, and 'Oh, this is much too nice to use!'

How do you convince people that it's really okay to USE the quilts you give them?

I always color test the fabric before assembling the quilt, I frequently stich in the ditch after every seam, and I always, always include a little card explaining how to clean the quilt (usually: wash in cold water, tumble dry low, scotch gaurd if you're feeling really paranoid).

Quilts aren't made, usually, to sit all pristine and lovely on a high shelf in a closet. They love to be snuggled under, adopted and loved by the local cat, kid, or grandmother.

The first full-size quilt I ever made was for the wedding of a friend from college. It's been a number of years, now. I look through their photos on every so often, and pretty fequently, that quilt will be there. Not front and center of course, but tossed over the couch, underneath their cat, or wrapped around their beautiful little girl.

It makes me smile every single time.

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