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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


New Orleans Forever

We are in New Orleans. When people asked me why I was coming here this weekend, I told them it was because I hadn’t been here since May, and I visit New Orleans every six months whether I need to or not.

But that is another story. We are in New Orleans.

Quilt stores in New Orleans are an eclectic mix, some with all the flair and mystery that one would expect from the Crescent City. There was the one in the French Quarter, that, even prior to Katrina, disappeared overnight. I mean literally overnight. One day it was there; the next, it and the proprietors were gone. None of the locals seems to know what happened. Then there was Material Girls in Albany which we reviewed five or six years ago, that closed then opened and now it’s gone again. Something about divorce and re-marriage and stuff.

However, one of our constant favorites and a stalwart even through Katrina, is The Quilt Cottage on Magazine Street near Audubon Park. So it’s no wonder that one of our first stops was to check in with Carol Shiaffino--- owner of the Quilt Cottage, where we caught up on all the local quilt shop news. Carol had her usual gorgeous selection of “quilts to go” that she offers finished and for sale, along with a wonderful collection of fabric. I couldn’t resist buying bibs for the two newest grandchildren: William’s is reversible alligators and Elizabeth’s is double sided fleur de lys. Carol’s daughter makes these and she always picks the cutest theme fabric.

When talk turned to new products, I gave Carol an abbreviated infomercial for one of my new favorite products, the Oliso iron. It wasn’t as effective as it is with the actual product, but I think it piqued her interest. (She was lucky. I treated my family to a live demo Christmas Eve. But seriously, this is a great iron.)

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