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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I Have Hijacked This Blog

I have always been a control freak. I was one for many years before I knew there was a name for it. At any rate, I have now commandeered this blog. Perhaps I should say thank you to the previous blogger, but as Bucky from my favorite cartoon “Get Fuzzy” would say,”Why? It’s mine now.”

Some of you know me already. I'm Lynn, and I write product reviews for Planet Patchwork, among other things, including keeping the laundry caught up so some other people can run the company.

I have recently become somewhat obsessed with space. Not outer space, but the space in my house. We are messy people, we have too much stuff, and we don’t have enough space.

I cannot afford to renovate more than I already have. I do have a bedroom that might become a sewing room, but there are issues. The first is that it can be seen from the front door, so it is always visible to the “public.” The second is that it is a 9x12 space that the post-WWII builders thought was an acceptable size for a bedroom. There is room for a bed and a dresser, but I have two machines, a serger, a cutting table and zillions of yards of fabric who think they need to live there.

To help with all this, I have done what our family has always done: I have bought a book. I will update you on my progress to resolve the impossible.

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