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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Red and white quilt causes its maker a case of the blues

Red White BluesI made a red and white pieced quilt for my granddaughter and her husband for a wedding present from me. I took it to the Village Laundry and Dry Cleaners in Buchanan to be dry-cleaned in November. When I picked up the quilt, it looked pink as I was leaving the Laundromat. But I thought it was just how the light was shining on it through the plastic wrap.

When I arrived home and took it out, I realized it was ruined. The quilt had been laundered, I believe, and not dry cleaned as I requested. The red had bled into the white, turning it pink, and the flannel back looked like it had been stone- washed.

I cannot give this quilt proudly to my granddaughter in this condition. Do I have a claim for damages here? The Laundromat can't replace the quilt and it will be hard to even put a price value on it. The fabric cost $80 and Village charged me $18.50 to clean it. It took me a month or so to make it. Can you help me?


Read more about H.H.'s dilemma and some tips for working with red fabrics here.

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