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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Quilt copyright kerfuffle blankets competitions

CHESTERVILLE, Ontario - A quilting and copyright controversy is stitching itself into the fabric of Ontario country fairs.

Organizers of traditional "homecraft" competitions -- a fixture at rural and not-so-rural fairs -- fear the matter could put a crimp in the number of quilt entries. For a Waterloo-based pattern designer, however, it�s high time the quilt-making community got around to recognizing its simple obligations under the law.

Threads of the quilt kerfuffle lead to August 2004, when designer Kathleen Bissett fired off correspondence to the Central Canada Exhibition. Her pattern, Garden Delight, appeared on a quilt in the show that year -- without her permission and without acknowledging her name, or the name of the design, on the label.

Read the full article about the quilting copyright controversy here.

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