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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Labor of love: Boswell woman fashions 3-D quilts for children

3d(Pennsylvania) Two-year-old Caleb Moors enjoys cuddling the animals on his Noah's Ark quilt.

Because of a congenital condition that limits Caleb's sight to about 12 inches, the 3-D quilt created by Joanne Marian of Boswell has become a favorite of the youngster.

Caleb is the son of Keith and Tonette Moors of Deerfield Lane in Westmont.

"Caleb likes touching the quilt," Tonette said. "The quilt is so meaningful to him. Because of his vision impairment, it gives him something he can relate to on his level and we can't thank Joanne enough for this wonderful gesture."

Caleb has optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition in which the optic nerve has not developed properly. It is too small.

The toddler is one of a number of special-needs children who have received the texture-rich quilts.

By adding various fabrics, fibers, textures and baubles to colorful patterned prints, Marian has created dozens of appealing quilts for visually impaired, blind and autistic children.

Read the entire article about Marian's 3D quilts now.

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