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Monday, April 17, 2006


Crafting a math-work quilt: Magee Elementary students help hospitalized kids

MageeWisconsin - Scraps of material, thread and batting are more than the ingredients for a quilt - at Magee Elementary on Wednesday they were the components of a math lesson and more.

"If your grandma's quilting, then you know your grandma's a genius," said Annie Brantzeg, a quilter and grandmother herself.

. . .

Students had the opportunity to work on two quilts - hand-tying one and machine-sewing another. The quilts, Brantzeg said, were on their way to help other children.

Brantzeg is a member of the Quilt Guild, an organization that makes ABC quilts for children in the hospital. Each quilt is signed by the quilt maker "with love and comfort to you."

Read the full article about Magee Elementary here.

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