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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Quilt tells tale of orphan trains

Orphan TrainDes Moines, Iowa - Fifth-graders at Olmsted Elementary School, 7110 Prairie Ave. in Urbandale, have pieced together the stories of orphan-train riders by making a quilt.

The train routes were created by the New York Children's Aid Society as a way to give abandoned children homes in the rural Midwest from 1853 to 1929. For three weeks, students in Sharon Carey's fifth-grade class at Olmsted studied the orphan trains.

Carey said students learned some of the orphan children were separated from their siblings, some went to happy homes and others did not.

"It made us appreciate our families a lot," Carey said.

Students said they enjoyed learning the identities of people who rode the trains. Samantha Yacinich of Urbandale made a biographical poem about a child, and contributed a square to the quilt.

Read the full Des Moines Register story here.

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