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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Quilt shop owner sews up book writing

Bundles of FunLongview, WA - Karen Snyder didn’t just write her first quilt book. She also had to sew it.

"Bundles of Fun: Quilts from Fat Quarters" features patterns for 12 quilts, each one made from a bundle of 12 "fat quarters," fabric measuring 18 x 22 inches. To illustrate it, Snyder needed to produce 27 quilts -- two for each pattern and a few made from leftovers.

"I thought the deadline for the quilts was June 15," Snyder said. She had enlisted friends to help and they were steaming along, when then the publisher called on May 5 with a question.

"Where are the quilts?"

The deadline actually had been May 1.

"We starting working even faster," Snyder said.

Read more about Snyder in the Daily News Online or buy Bundles of Fun from Amazon.

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