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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


For handmade stuff, a better market than eBay

EtsyFor things like cheap cell phone accessories, eBay can't be beat. Handmade items like quilts, however, can get lost in that gargantuan marketplace. Etsy, a new site for the exchange of handmade items only, not only provides a homier environment for crafters, but also makes selling slightly simpler by offering lower listing fees (10 cents per item regardless of price) and a flat transaction fee (3.5% of the selling price). We also like the softer, simpler design. You can browse items by type or search for particular attributes in the things you desire. (Items in the quilt section have been assigned tags like "flannel" and "love.")

Wander on over to Etsy and check out what other crafters are offering today.

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