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Friday, January 27, 2006

Easy Chenille Appliqué: Create Dimension the Color Stick Way
By Cheryl Malkowski
C&T Publishing, 2005
Paperbound, 48 pages, Suggested retail $19.95

Quilters are never quite happy with fabric in its natural form. They cut it into strips, scraps, and snippets, sew them together, rip them apart, sometimes toss them over their shoulders, in rituals designed to please the fickle goddesses of quilting. "Color sticks" are the latest creation of an inventive quilter looking for new ways to use the fabric medium. This book teaches you how to make your own chenille strips, fuzz them up, and use them artfully in your quilt designs. Using fusible thread and three layers of fabric, you can make these ornamental fabric worms to adorn everything from whole cloth quilts to blue jeans. My favorite project in the book is a brightly colored “salsa bag” for toting around whatever it is you tote around.

Cheryl takes you through the whole process of choosing colors, making the strips, and appliqueing them to your quilt. The book includes six imaginative but manageable projects to get you started.

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