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Thursday, December 01, 2005


What is the perfect gift for the holidays?

Here's a little tidbit for us all to ponder: What is THE perfect quilter's gift for the holidays? Is it one of those top of the line computerized, embroiderized, longish-arm machines, or is it as simple as a free day to sew? ("A snow day is a sew day.") I think my personal favorite would be a free day to sew, listen to a new CD, and not answer the phone no matter how many times it rings! Of course, a laptop PC with EQ5 wouldn't be such a bad thing, either!

What's YOUR idea of the perfect gift for the holidays?

I'm coveting one of those Bernina BSRs. I don't care about all the embroidery stuff, I just want basic stitches and the stitch regulator. A longer arm would be nice, too!
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