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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Quilt Blogs Are Bustin' Out all Over

Blogging has of course now become the "Fifth Estate," a vast sea of amateur journalists who are having a major impact on news and information around the world. Quilters are part of this, too, and every day we seem to discover new quilter blogs.

Our friend and long-term contributor of mystery quilts to Planet Patchwork, Merry May, has a blog at at which she posts her musings on quilts, teaching quilting, and more formal lessons, such as a couple she's done on photo transfers in quilting.

Over at Quilts Galore, Mel (or Mellicious, as she's known on flickr) does breezy short takes and tells funny stories on herself, including one on her quilting technique, which she calls "the ADD approach to quilting."

She has also published an amazing collection of photos of quilts from the Houston Quilt Show.

Check out both of these new blogs, and let us know about any others you come across by writing us at planetpatchwork at gmail dot com.

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