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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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As blogging has become a more mainstream online activity, it's even being adopted as a communications alternative by big corporations like Microsoft. More importantly, it provides new outlets and creative opportunities for people with passions.

A passion for quilting is what motivates Gina Halladay of Orange County, California, as she writes several times a week in her new quilting blog at In a lively and down-to-earth style, Gina chronicles her quilting adventures as she goes to shows, attends classes, and helps purchase fabric for the Cozy Cottage Quilt Shop, in Brea, where she works. Her entries so far tell us about a class she took with Billie Lauder, "stalking" Robyn Pandolph, and meeting and talking to Freddy Moran about how red is a neutral color.

Visiting Gina's blog regularly will bring you sharp personal insights about quilting along with a recharge of your quilting energies. Give it a try!

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