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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Kids Quilt Together: The ABCs of Group Quilts

Kids Quilt TogetherBy Kathy Emmel
C&T Publishing, 2005
96 pages, Suggested price $24.95

Over the years, two of the most frequent questions we've received at Planet Patchwork have been "How do I make a t-shirt quilt?" and "How do I make a group quilt with children?" The question about t-shirt quilts boils down essentially to one of technique – do I need a backing? How do I deal with different fabric weights? For a children's quilt, however, the issues are more wide-ranging. What media are appropriate for kids? Do they have to know how to sew? How do I give kindergartners a simple way to make a quilt block? How do I organize the group for a fun and satisfying experience?

Now C&T and Kathy Emmel, a 24-year teacher who has made quilts for 17 years with her students, have brought out a book dealing with all of this in a colorful and creative way. The book outlines a wide variety of techniques that work for kids, from fabric crayons to stencils to textile paints, and also provides advice on all the social and practical problems that come with group quilting. What if I don't have the room for a large project in my classroom? (Set up in the library, or in a large hallway.) How do I keep the students organized and on-task? (Recruit volunteers, including parents and older students.)

Finally, a group quilt is an absorbing and rewarding experience for a group of children, one in which, according to Emmel, they interact, learn, and lead their lives. In a school environment increasing focused on educational standards and testing, quilts must also contribute to the mastery of the curriculum, and Emmel addresses these needs as well, with suggested projects based on mathematics and social studies. Finally, though, a group quilt is about shared creativity, not about cloning a project from a book. This wonderful volume, full of illustrations and color photos, provides the practical inspiration for a successful and memorable group project.

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