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Thursday, August 11, 2005


QuiltBus - the quilt store that comes to you!

Stuck in a town with no quilt store? Desperate for the feel of new fabric and the hands-on trial of new tools before you buy? Online shopping just not gettin' it for ya? Maybe you should call a bus.

The QuiltBus, a full-service quilt shop crammed inside a renovated shuttle bus, will stop anywhere it can park, provided there's a quilt guild or other group to pay the mileage fees from the bus' last stop. In 2005 (which is already booked solid!) the bus will stop in places as far-flung from one another as Arkansas and Delaware. While the bus is in your town it will not only open its doors to all shoppers, but the proprietors will also host a lecture, class, or workshop for your group as part of the deal.

Check out the QuiltBus' current schedule and find out how to schedule a stop in your town.

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