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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Penobscot Marine Museum displays rare quilt

From the Waldo Village Soup (Maine):

The Penobscot Marine Museum has put a beautifully made, rare type of quilt on display through Sept. 5, 2005. It is known as an album, or friendship, quilt, and should particularly intrigue those interested in quilts, history or maritime communities. The quilt, which dates from around 1850, was probably stitched in Portland or Cumberland.

Loretta Manzo, of Millinocket, told museum registrar Edith Murphy that she bought the quilt at a local yard sale held by her sister-in-law. “I couldn’t sleep all night,” she said, “thinking about that quilt I saw while helping my sister-in-law set up for the sale. She got it from her godparents; that’s all I know. The next morning I was there with a check in my hand. I knew this was a special quilt.”

Read the full article at the Village Soup web site.

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