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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Iowa shop offers quilting camp for kids

The Quilter's Window in New Hampton, Iowa offers a 2-day quilt camp for kids, according to this article in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier.

Students sit poised behind sewing machines and squares stacked according to color. Judging from the piles of cloth, this group favors bright colors. Lime green polka dots. Faded purples. Yellow and blue stars.

On the wall hung a finished quilt, representing what each boy and girl will attempt to make at Kids Camp. The piece is friendly and colorful, with a border of cows on skis.

The shop provides all supplies necessary and at the end of the camp each camper completes a quilting project. Store owner Denise Sinnwell hopes that the camp and the completed projects on display at the store will inspire new generations to take up quilting.

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