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Monday, July 25, 2005


Planet Patchwork Update July 25

This is the week leading up to the Planet Patchwork One-Day Mystery Quilt, which begins on Saturday, July 30, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. We have posted more information about the Chat, and about how to enter your name to be considered for door prizes. You can find out all the information, including fabric and cutting instructions, at

Take a look and come prepared for the fun on Saturday! If you are unable to participate in the event on Saturday, the quilt will be left online for a week afterwards so you can do it at your leisure.

Book of the Week

Celebrate Great Quilts! circa 1825-1940
by Karey Patterson Bresenhan & Nancy O'Bryan Puentes
C&T Publishing, 2004. 64 pages, list price $19.95

Most of the quilt books that come our way are "how-to" guides, but every so often a book appears on the stack to give us a break from lists of materials and numbered instruction sets. Celebrate Great Quilts is one such book, designed more as an education in the appreciation of quilt evolution than as a handbook for reproducing the quilts within. Assembled by Bresenhan and Puentes from the International Quilt Festival Collection, each of the quilts in this book has a story, and even if the quilts themselves may not be particularly special, the stories behind them often are. Alongside the personal tales of each quilt are its technical details, including notes about the fabric processes, quilting techniques, and popular patterns and colors of each era. Each piece is presented in a large color photograph with the authors' comments. A spellbinding tour of an incomparable collection.

Story of the Week

On Washing Quilts: An Essay

Need guidance on how to wash your quilt? Addy Harkavy is here with food for thought. If you're looking for special "quilt soap," Addy directs you to your local feed store!

Read the entire essay here:

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